Smart Kitchen Gadgets for Saving Time

In today’s busy world, most people have hectic schedules. Mornings fly by in a rush, and in the evenings, making a healthy dinner for one or more people can be challenging. Adding just a few smart kitchen appliances can save time and allow you more control over kitchen routines.

Smart assistants and voice-assistant devices like Alexa are not space-age concepts. These are practical and accessible tools to help anyone simplify routines, save time and manage energy. With one voice command, homeowners can set off a chain of responses among their connected kitchen appliances and automate their day. Once you take advantage of smart kitchen technology, smart assistants can link to and control any compatible technology in the kitchen and throughout the house.

Pro Tip: Homeowners can now use their smart devices to access cookbook apps or recipes online. By taking advantage of smart-device stands, you can save space on the counter and save paper by not printing out recipes.

Measure ingredients with a smart kitchen scale for precise recipes.

Halving or doubling a recipe is easy with an internet-connected drop scale that monitors the exact measurements of ingredients needed for a recipe. By connecting to an app that pairs with the smart scale, you can add all your ingredients into one bowl without even using measuring cups.

When you’ve poured in enough, the gadget will tell you when to stop. If you add too much, many smart kitchen scales adjust the measurements so that you can simply add a little more of the other ingredients to compensate.

Use a smart slow cooker to save time and make dinner recipes easy.

Using a smart slow cooker saves time when you’re at work, running errands or busy with other tasks. Smart slow cookers can also work in conjunction with smart devices so you can turn the device on and off and adjust the temperature whether you’re at home or not.

Smart slow cookers like Instant Pot use pressure-cooking energy efficiency technology and thereby use less power, water and heat.

Get a boost when you need it with a smart coffee maker.

Whether you need a cup the minute you wake up or you come home in need of a pick-me-up, just say “Brew!” Many smart coffee makers use voice apps and smart-device communication, so you can brew coffee from anywhere. Just tell your coffee maker or your voice assistant to brew coffee, and then you can wake up or come home to a fresh cup.

In addition, many types of coffee makers have automatic power down and standby energy-saving features.

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