Most Popular Kitchen Appliances for Wedding Gifts

A wedding is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the lives and relationships of those closest to you. Naturally, when you receive a beautiful wedding invitation in the mail, you probably get excited for the couple. However, for many people that excitement quickly turns to anxiety when it comes time to pick out the perfect wedding gift.

You know you want to give the couple something special, something that will help them remember their day. But finding the right gift to mark this special occasion often feels like a daunting task, even more so when there’s no wedding registry to pull from. Fortunately, gift giving can be easy by turning to the tried-and-true gifts of small kitchen appliances.

For the new couple setting up house, kitchen appliances are not only practical and appreciated, but they also help the newlywed’s settle in and start their lives together. Because they may not have a fully functional kitchen, each gift helps build an inventory of useful appliances.

Basic appliances, like coffee makers or slow cookers, can make great wedding gifts. Even for couples that already have established households, appliances can still be a good gift giving option. In this case, opt for higher end models of common appliances or choose a specialty appliance to compliment an already stocked kitchen.

1. Stand Mixer

Stand mixers have long been some of the most popular wedding gifts for a reason. Hardworking and versatile, a high quality stand mixer makes daily meal prep easy.

From whipping up some mashed potatoes to mixing bread dough, a stand mixer is an appliance that can get everyday use. When buying a stand mixer for a gift, be sure to get a heavy-duty model with a motor capable of tackling hard jobs like mixing together bread dough or dense cookie batter. Kitchen Aid mixers, often thought of as the gold standard for stand mixers, can be a good choice.

2. Juicer

For health-conscious couples, a juicer can make a thoughtful wedding gift.

Unlike a standard blender, a juicer is designed specifically to quickly blend fruits and vegetables into a fine juice. This product will help your friends get all of the nutrients that fruits and vegetables offer in form of a tasty juice.

Options are available ranging from a large capacity juicer to models that juice directly into a grab-and-go container. Another option to consider is whether your friends would prefer a centrifugal juicer or a masticating juicer, both of which offer their own perks. If you’re not sure which model to purchase, read our buyers guide or simply ask the newlywed’s which they might prefer.

3. Coffee Maker

What better way to start off a couple’s mornings together than with a freshly brewed cup of coffee? From standard coffee makers to extravagant espresso makers, today’s coffee makers come in an impressive range of styles and models.

For a new household, a basic coffee maker can be a good choice, but sometimes a new household requires an upgrade. Options range from a single cup brewer complete with an insulated carafe to go to a more traditional 12-cup drip coffee maker.

If you really want to get something special for your friends, consider going for a coffee maker and grinder combo. Some models come equipped with the ability to grind beans for each pot, taking coffee making to the next level. For the coffee fanatic, try an espresso machine to add some daily luxury to their mornings.

4. Rotisserie Oven

For the couple that seems to have everything, consider giving the gift of a rotisserie oven. Available as a compact countertop oven, a rotisserie makes preparing flavorful, healthy meals a snap.

Most people appreciate a good rotisserie chicken. However, many models also come with a removable basket, allowing users to cook a variety of foods in the oven beyond a simple chicken.

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